Interactive mode helps you visualize the benefits of using mesh shaders. You can pause and jump to different parts of the timeline and change settings in real-time. Use visualizer options to highlight meshlets or see the level of detail (LOD) used for each meshlet.

Mesh shaders enabled

Toggle mesh shaders on or off.

LODs enabled

Toggle the use of LODs (level of detail)

Reference camera

The reference camera provides a different viewpoint of the scene. With the reference camera enabled, it is easy to see which meshlets are drawn and which are culled as the camera moves through the scene.


The meshlets visualizer highlights the individual meshlets in the scene.

The LODs visualizer reveals the level of detail (LOD) used for each meshlet.


The Timeline slider and Pause controls let you move through the timeline to specific points. 

Capture frame

The Capture frame button exports the original rendered frame with the current settings. The captured frames are saved to the Pictures\3DMarkMeshShaderFeatureTest folder.