First ensure that the Advanced Edition key you are inputting is in one of these forms:

  • 3DM-ICF-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY (Base 3DMark key, no Time Spy)
  • 3DM-SPY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY (Time Spy upgrade key)
  • 3DM-PR-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY (Port Royal upgrade key)
  • 3DM-ICFT-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY (3DMark with Time Spy included)
  • 3DM-ICFTP-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY (3DMark with Time Spy and Port Royal included)

YYYYY sections are alphanumeric strings that contain numbers (0-9) and letters. Note that letters I and O will never show up in this part of the key. Anything resembling an I is number 1 (one) and O is always 0 (zero). Also ensure that all letters you input are capital letters. Note that some Professional Edition and Site License keys may have slightly different format, but same rule applies to the part following the type of the key.

If you still can't get your key to work, please send us an email and include a photo or scan of the key if it was printed on paper and tell us where you got it so we can assist further.

Note that the annual licenses of 3DMark Professional Edition (3DM-TICFT-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY) unlock all tests and features, including Time Spy and Port Royal upgrades. Professional Edition users with a perpetual license (3DM-PICF-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY) will need to purchase an annual license if they want to unlock these additional test.