This warning appears when you run 3DMark on a system with modified driver tessellation settings.

In order to produce scores that can be compared fairly, a benchmark must perform the same work on every system. Benchmark-specific driver optimizations are not allowed.

To get a valid 3DMark score for your system, return all driver options to their default settings then re-run the benchmark.

Some recent versions of AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition include an application-specific profile for 3DMark. Running 3DMark with this profile will result in an invalid score, even if the profile does not modify any settings.

To get a valid score, open the AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition application and remove the 3DMark application profile. Alternatively, you can use the Factory Reset option to restore all driver settings and profiles to the default values.

If the above does not solve it, your registry may have corrupt or old entries from previous versions of AMD drivers. To solve such a situation, we recommend using Display Driver Uninstaller application to completely wipe all traces of display drivers, then reinstalling latest AMD drivers.