The Solar Bay Benchmark produces four scores: an overall score and three sub scores showing the average FPS of each benchmark section. The better a score, the higher the system’s performance. Scores are comparable across platforms. 

3DMark Solar Bay Score

Solar Bay score = S_Graphics*263


S_Graphics = F_Frames / T_Timeline 

F_Frames      =    The number of rendered frames ignoring frames from the first and last second in the timeline    

T_Timeline    =    The runtime in seconds minus two seconds for the first and last seconds, which are ignored

3DMark Solar Bay Stage scores

Solar Bay Section Score = Average frame rate for section

Section timings: 
Section one: 1s - 8.67s 
Section two:  19.67s – 41s
Section three: 41.33s – 58s

3DMark Solar Bay stress test scores

The result for the Solar Bay stress test is the scores and data from the twenty Solar Bay benchmark runs, showing how device performance changed during the stress test.  

A score is calculated for each loop separately using the same scoring formula as the Solar Bay Benchmark. These scores are represented as both a line chart and as individual scores for each loop.