Sling Shot Extreme Graphics tests measure GPU performance. They stress the GPU while minimizing the CPU workload to ensure that CPU performance is not a limiting factor.

Graphics Test 1

Sling Shot Graphics Test 1 has an emphasis on geometry processing while having simple shaders. Volumetric illumination is disabled, but the scene contains particle effects. FFT-based bloom effects and a depth of field effect are added as post-processing steps. The bloom effects use Compute Shaders.

  • No volumetric illumination
  • Particle effects
  • Post-processing¬†

Graphics Test 2

Sling Shot Graphics Test 2 has shaders that are more mathematically complex than Graphics Test 1 but has less geometry to process.  Simple volumetric illumination is used, but the scene has no particle effects. Post-processing steps are similar to Graphics Test 1.

  • Volumetric illumination
  • No particle effects
  • Post-processing