The stress test result screen shows you your score and other data from the stress test.

The main result from the Stress Test is your PC's Frame Rate Stability expressed as a percentage. 

Frame Rate Stability    =    fpsLow / fpsHigh * 100


fpsHigh    =    The average frame rate from the best-performing loop of the test
fpsLow     =    The average frame rate from the worst-performing loop of the test

A high score means your PC's performance under load is stable and consistent. To pass the test, your system's frame rate stability must be at least 97% and all loops must be completed.

System information

This section shows information about your system and the stress test run. Click on the Show details button to open an expanded view that includes more details of the components in your system.


The chart in this section shows you how CPU and GPU temperatures, clock speeds, and the frame rate changed during your benchmark run. Click on the legend to change the metric shown in the chart. Move your mouse pointer over the chart to see the values at each point. Click on the Show details button to open an expanded view of the charts.


  • Click on the Compare result online button to see your result on
  • Click Load to open another benchmark result file saved on your PC.
  • Click Save to save the result in a different location or under a different filename.
  • In 3DMark Professional Edition, the Export XML button saves your result as an XML file for record-keeping or further analysis in other tools.