The Apple App Store does not support a flexible DLC model that would allow you to choose which tests you want to install and uninstall in one 3DMark app. As a result, there are separate 3DMark apps for each group of similar tests.

The 3DMark Sling Shot iOS app includes the Sling Shot and Sling Shot Extreme benchmarks. The app has four main sections. Use the navigation bar or swipe left to move between sections.


Each 3DMark benchmark is designed for a specific class of device. This screen shows the recommended 3DMark benchmark for your device. 


This screen shows other benchmark tests. Some tests are only available in other 3DMark apps

Tap on a benchmark to open the Test details view. From here, you can run the benchmark. 

My device

This section shows your best results and your result history. Tap on a result to open the result details view.

This section also shows the main technical specifications of your device, from its hardware (SoC, CPU, GPU, RAM, storage) and screen (type, size, resolution) to its physical properties (dimensions, weight) and more, all on one screen.

Best devices

This part of the app helps you compare the iPhone and iPad models. You can search, filter, and sort our list of the best devices. You can search for a device by name or by scrolling through the list. Tap on a device to open the Device Details view and learn more about its performance and specifications.