The 3DMark CPU Profile result screen shows you your scores and other data from your benchmark run.

Benchmark scores

Each of the six CPU Profile tests produces a score. Scores are comparable across tests. You can compare the 8-thread score with the 4-thread score, for example. A higher score means the CPU performed the work faster.

Each score includes a graphic element that shows you how your score compares with results from other systems with the same CPU. These elements answer the question, "Is this a good 3DMark score for my PC?"

The green bars on the 3DMark CPU Profile result screen show you how your scores compare with the best scores for your CPU. The longer the green bar, the closer your score is to the best result for your CPU model.

The median score, shown by the marker, shows the performance level you should expect for your CPU. In most cases, the median represents performance with stock settings. If your score is below the median, it may indicate a problem with cooling or background processes. Check the hardware monitoring chart to see how the CPU temperature changed during the run. 

The distance from the median marker to the end of the bar represents the overclocking potential of the CPU.

Please note that these features are powered by benchmark results from 3DMark users. These insights may be unavailable for some CPU models until enough results are submitted.

CPU Profile section

This section shows your CPU model name and the number of cores and threads that are available.


  • Click on the Compare result online button to see your result on
  • Click Load to open another benchmark result file saved on your PC.
  • Click Save to save the result in a different location or under a different filename.
  • In 3DMark Professional Edition, the Export XML button saves your result as an XML file for record-keeping or further analysis in other tools.


The chart in this section shows you how the CPU clock frequency and CPU temperature changed during your benchmark run. Click on the legend to change the metric shown in the chart. Move your mouse pointer over the chart to see the values at each point.

System information

This section shows information about your system and the benchmark run. The green check icon indicates the GPU and display that were used in the benchmark run. Click on the three-dots icon to show or hide an expanded view that includes more details of the components in your system. 

Detailed scores

This section contains the scores and workload scores produced by the CPU Profile benchmark.

Detailed monitoring

The Detailed monitoring section provides an expanded view of the charts in the Monitoring section. You can move your mouse pointer over a chart to see all the values at each point.