Unsupported benchmarks should not be used to test modern hardware.

Benchmarks have a natural lifespan that ends when they no longer provide meaningful results on modern hardware. When old benchmarks are used with new hardware, the results can be skewed or limited in ways that reduce their accuracy and relevance. This is why you should not use unsupported benchmarks to test modern hardware. Use a more recent test instead. See our support page, "Which 3DMark benchmark should I use?"

How to install an unsupported test

Unsupported tests are not included in the 3DMark installer. If you want to run an unsupported test, you will first need to download and install it. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet, then follow the instructions below to show unsupported tests. Find the unsupported test in the 3DMark UI, then click the install button to download and install it.

If you need an offline installer that includes unsupported tests, please contact our sales team

3DMark Windows app

Unsupported tests are hidden in the 3DMark Windows app by default. If you need to run a legacy test for some reason, you can find them by going to the Benchmarks screen and using the filter option to "Show unsupported tests." Please note, this option is not available in 3DMark Basic Edition or the 3DMark Demo on Steam.

3DMark Android app

Unsupported tests are hidden in the 3DMark Android app by default. You can find them by going to the Settings screen and using the option to "Show unsupported tests."

3DMark iOS apps

The Apple App Store does not support a flexible DLC model. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to make our legacy benchmarks available on Apple devices.